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Mosaic Art Australia
The Art of Mosaic
OzMosaics Mosaic Tiles and Services Online supplying: Australia Sydney Adelaide Canberra Melbourne Brisbane Perth Hobart Tasmania Darwin New Zealand Christmas Island

Please direct your mosaic enquiries to:
Dave Robertson: OzMosaics Studio/Mosaic Store/Customer Service Manager

Professional mosaic store, mosaic services, mosaic bespoke artworks, mosaic public & community mural projects,
consultations, products, advice,
artworks, classes
492 Cavendish Rd
Queensland Australia 4151

ph/fax: (+617) 3847 4873
OzMosaics studio/Brisbane mosaic store
*** shop visits by appointment only

Queensland Mosaic Artist / mosaic teacher
Sandra Robertson

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Workshops include:  Beginner, Advanced, Smalti, Retreats, 3-D and more!

Mosaic instruction - how to use and shape mosaic tesserae, including, china, porcelain, ceramic, tempered glass, mosaic tiles, glass, wine and bottle glass, glass gems, textured and safety glass, smalti gold tile, smalti bricks, smalti gold tile and millefiori. 

OzMosaics Mosaic Store has everything you need to make mosaic art and craft.
One of the biggest range of 
Mosaic Materials.
Loads of i

Learn the art of mosaic with Sandy Robertson, mosaic artist/teacher - Tips and Tricks, Mosaic Projects, How to Mosaic Info

Well-equipped, inspirational, mosaic studio/school in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Professional mosaic services, commissions
consultations, products, advice, artworks, classes

Largest and best range of mosaic supplies in Australia including:

Leponitt Mosaic Tools, Laticrete Australia
MAC Glue Distributor
Dynasty Smalti Distributor Australia
Weldbond, DTA products, Lightweight Mosaic Board

Private / Public Art /Community Art
School Projects/Pool Art/Commissions/Corporate
Mosaic Events/Brisbane Mosaic School/
Bespoke Art/ Fine Art

*Enter OzMosaics HOME PAGE

You can search the web, looking for a professional artist, studio and supplier for your mosaic projects,commissions or workshops! Save time and energy, to straight to the wizard of mOz and learn to art of mosaics at Studio OzMosaics, with flair, style and with a leading mosaic artist!

Don't waste time and money learning the hard way, enjoy a mosaic workshop, meet new friends, have fun and you will be cutting curves, placing tile and making beautiful mosaic art.

Sandy explains- Learn the art of mosaic with OzMosaics, and get started with your mosaic art and craft project ideas. Life is full of mosaic madness and mosaic magic at our school of mosaics. Beautify your garden with a mosaic art wall mural featuring a mix of ceramic tile, mirror, found objects or smalti.

Enhance your home with mosaic decorative mirrors to reflect a mosaic art wall. You will soon be on your own mosaic mission and your artist statement will reflect your art journey.

Study mosaic history and take photographs of your mosaics in the garden and your home. Set your dinner table with mosaic glass decorated candles and give a gift of a breakfast mosaic tray.

If you are considering building or renovating, mosaic a door. We are Australian Suppliers of mosaic, mosaic on mesh and beautiful mosaic artworks. We have a mosaic club, CLUB mOz and we love to discuss commissions/bespoke artworks.

Building a new pool? Consider mosaic for your pool tile art. We design pool mosaics, panels and borders, try our mosaic design service.

Save your mosaic shards to use in your mosaics, especially 3-D shove the shard technique

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The mosaic studio & mosaic shop is overflowing with materials, tiles & tools!

Beginner to advanced workshops are fun, relaxed and exciting.

Mosaic Artworks, Mosaic Art Australia,
Specialty Art Mosaic Services, Mosaic Supplies Australia,

Smalti sample boards, Mosaic tile supplies, Dynasty Smalti, chinese smalti, millefiori,
glass, glass fusings, Mosaic Smalti
Mosaic Art Studio - Learn the Art of Mosaics.

Quality Workshops, Classes & mosaic supplies at Affordable Prices!
Compare our Prices /Products

  Stockists of mosaic products for the mosaic crafter to professional mosaic artist!
We have everything you need to make mosaics

Contact us!
- we want to be your mosaic supplier!
Sandy has been teaching mosaic art classes at OzMosaics- for over a decade!

OzMosaics Online / Studio Store is dedicated to bringing our customers and clients high quality, professional products and services. Corporate clients, art and craft enthusiasts and professional mosaic artists use our tried and tested products and our commissions are highly regarded.

Workshops are provided at our Mosaic Studio and on location to inspire and educate. OzMosaics not only sell mosaics we are experts in mosaics. Our mission - quality products and great customer service

We teach, we make art, we sell art, we have the products! We know mosaics!
Over a decade of mosaic making - teaching - giving and sharing the joy of mosaics around the world

Learn the methods of mosaic, how to mosaic, choosing the right adhesive for your mosaic project, how to glue glass mosaics, mosaic glue and adhesive for indoor and outdoor mosaics. What is the best adhesive for your mosaic project?

Our Dynasty smalti glass mosaic tile is divine
OzMosaics is the Australian Distributor of MAC glue.
Mosaic Pendant bases have arrived!
We have light weight mosaic board - Marmox
Workshops - Classes - Mosaic Supplies

Sandy prefers to use Laticrete- A product that lasts the distance!

sandy robertson is a member of SAMA

Mosaic Assn Australia and New Zealand.
Member: MAANZ

mosaic association of australia and new zealand - maanzProfessional Member: SAMA
Sandy attended the 2011 Conference in Austin, Texas USA 2011
*ENTER the Studio




























OzMosaics Studio specializes in mosaic fine art, commissions, workshops, mosaic supplies and resources.
Sandy Robertson is a mosaic mixed media artist working and teaching at Studio OzMosaics - Australia.
Your one-stop online shop and studio for mosaic art and craft. We stock a huge range of metallic and glitter tiles, glass beads, fusings, Dynasty Chinese Smalti, vitreous glass tiles and lots more!

Whether you are looking for a mosaic artist to make the mosaic of your dreams for your home, business, gift or garden, searching for mosaic supplies, mosaic classes and workshops, mosaic information or simply love to look at mosaic art, we welcome you to browse OzMosaics web site and web shop.

OzMosaics stocks and sells everything you need to make mosaics from glass tile to grout , tools and glue. A huge range of mosaic glass tile and smalti is available in our studio and web shop. Try the Dynasty Smalti - huge range of colours - quality Smalti at affordable prices!
Sandy Robertson is a professional mosaic artist/teacher
Dave Robertson is OzMosaics customer service manager, shop orders, general enquiries

When you need something special in your mosaics, something different, contact OzMosaics!
Mosaic pool and garden wall murals by OzMosaics - perfect for your home and garden.
From flat mosaics to outrageous, fabulous 3-D - Sandy knows mosaics! Sandy and Dave visited Hong Kong in April 2011 for her exhibition Eggstravaganza! 11 mosaic eggs are in the exhibition. Visit Sandy Robertson Face book to see some of the artworks:


Dynasty Smalti has arrived!
Everything you need for mosaics
We source special glass supplies for mosaic art
Mosaic Supplies Australia
Mosaic Tile Supplier
Smalti in Australia - Dynasty
Laticrete Products - Everything for mosaics!
Mosaic Fibreglass Mesh
Weldbond / MAC Glue
Dynasty Smalti! Light Weight Marmox Bases!
Mosaic Murals & tables.

Workshops - Classes - Studio - Gallery - Club mOz - Mosaic Community Art Network ARENA - Mosaic Online Store - Mosaic Studio Shop - Galleries Join in mosaic groups to discuss mosaic art with mosaic enthusiasts around the world! Sign up to be a registered member to access the Mosaic ARENA!
Chat Room, Blogs, Photo Albums - so much to do - together we share and grow our love of mosaics.
We have everything you need to make mosaics. Mosaic glass tiles - one of the best ranges you will see! Learn to mosaic at our mosaic workshop! Beginner to Advanced Mosaic Workshops/Courses

* Commission OzMosaics to make a custom made mosaic or learn to make your own mosaic masterpiece! You are only limited by your imagination: Let us help you cover the surfaces! When you need tiles, shop at our mosaic store. Make it all! a mosaic birdbath, mirror, photo frame, table, garden ornament, statue, column, pedestal, bathroom, kitchen, indoor, outdoor, floor, ceiling, wall, path, pot, planter, ball, seat, chair, wheelbarrow, gift, tray, bird box, letter box, car, surfboard, vase, mural, sink, bath, bird bath, fountain, sculpture, modern, traditional, spontaneous - mosaics. mosaic tools, mosaic workshop, mosaic workshops for everyone. Dynasty Smalti, Art Glass, Smalti Australia supplier, Australian Smalti Distributor, Mosaic Tiles in Brisbane Floor and wall tiles, compare us to Bunning’s tiles, mosaic art craft supplies, tiles Brisbane, Brisbane tile Shop, Complete tile and stone, ceramic tile and glass, interior and exterior tile and glass, glass mosaics, pool tiles, pool murals, Brisbane bathroom tiles, everything for mosaic art and craft.
Sign up for OzMosaics free newsletter - enter the studio and register! Be warned - mosaic art is addictive!
Australian mosaic school - classes courses workshops  Book in today!
Everything for mosaics Professional products and services!

mosaic vitreous tile, Smalti, glass mosaic, Smalti mosaic, Dynasty Smalti, glass fusings, glass tile, Leonia mosaic cutters, tools, grout, mosaic fibreglass mesh, thinnest and more!
Mosaic Art Exhibitions & Shows Australia

jewellery bases, chains, bails, millefiori, fused glass pendants (jewellery!), Smalti, tiles, glass, glue, grout, sealers, mosaic fibreglass mesh, dynasty Smalti, beads, mirror, epoxy glue, epoxy grout, sponges, classes, workshops, lessons, commissions, bespoke art, corporate workshops, team building fun mosaic workshops, art gallery, public art, specialty glass, custom-made mosaics, vitreous glass mosaic tile, ceramic, stained glass, mosaic jewelry, leponitt, laticrete, mac glue, weldbond, and more!
Sandy has a Paragon glass kiln and members of the Mosaic Addicts Group are enjoying learning the art of hot glass fusing and slumping, mosaic experiments of course.

smalti - fibreglass mosaic mesh - mosaic cutters & tools - glass tiles- sealers - waterproof membranes - Weldbond adhesive - Laticrete supplies - thinset - cement - mirror - glues - mosaic tiles -dynasty smalti - mosaic classes - grout - vitreous mosaic glass tile - epoxy - leponitt mosaic cutters -


Sandy Robertson - mosaic artist and mosaic teacher.
Sandy makes mosaics to order and prides herself on bringing the client's vision to mosaic reality.

Using traditional techniques combined with modern influences, Sandy brings a fresh approach to mosaic art. Her unique 3-D techniques developed of years of honing cutting skills and using the exceptional Laticrete products has produce mosaic art for all occasions - pools to floors, wall art to table tops, garden landscape decor and interior designs!

Find out from Sandy how andamento, opus and style makes your mosaic flow and capture the essence of your design ideas.

OzMosaics online and studio mosaic shop stocks all mosaic art supplies, including, tiles, grout, glue, adhesives, thinset, smalti, vitreous mosaic tiles, glass tiles and more!
The website has fabulous mosaic photo and movie galleries.
Sandy is continually updating the site...join the free mailing list for regular news and more!

Inspiration, custom-made mosaics, blog, forums, MANA, mosaic workshops, classes, galleries.....

workshops, mosaic tiles, tools, adhesives, grout, fibreglass mesh, grids, smalti & more!

Mosaic Art
Mosaic Fine Art
Mosaic Tutor
Mosaic Teacher
Mosaic Lessons
Mosaic Artist
Mosaic Materials
Mosaic Supplies
Mosaic Tools
Mosaic Fibreglass mesh
Mosaic Store
Shop on line for mosaic supplies!
Mosaic glass and mosaic tiles
We specialise in Mosaic Art Supplies and glass
Tile Supplies
Mosaic tile sale
Mosaic Mesh
Mosaic Art in Australia
Mosaic Tiles Australia
Australian mosaics
Mosaic Artists Australia

Mosaic gallery & studio
Dynasty Smalti & Chinese Smalti


the art of mosaics?
Learn to mosaic!

Mosaic workshops!

Sandy runs mosaic workshops and classes at her mosaic workshop studio, suitable for beginners to advanced students, of all ages. Learn to mosaic mesh method, direct mosaic method and 3-D mosaic artistry.

Sandy tutors at schools and in the community at large. OzMosaics has a professional design facility and can cater to all mosaic commissions, large or small and suit the budget!

Sandy Robertson has lots of mosaic tips and tricks up her sleeve and loves to share the joy of mosaic art.

So come on in and join in the mosaic madness.

Be Warned~! Mosaic art is addictive! If you have a mosaic quesion about the art of mosaics contact our studio workshop. Our phone or email is your mosaic helpline, but it's best all round to attend a mosaic workshop or attend for some private tuition or lessons. A little investment will go a long way, with your mosaic design skills.

Sandy has a band of mosaic addicts and much fun is had on the mosaic addicts forums and groups.

CLUB mOz is waiting for you. Newsletters, updates, video snippets, it's all happening at Studio OzMosaics Australia.

Sharing the joy of mosaics in a global network arena! The Australia Zoo Tribute Mosaic Mural was fabricated at Studio OzMosaics - a tribute to mosaic artists and the great Steve Irwin.....

When you want to be creative or want Sandy to create for you, contact OzMosaics! We supply glass mosaic tiles, mosaic tiles, mosaic tools, and more mosaic products! We are a one stop mosaic supplier online store or visit our studio shop by appointment. OzMosaics will introduce you to other unusual materials and mosaic sources that you may not have normally considered! Sandy thinks outside the mosaic square and shows you traditional and contemporary mosaic techniques used in mosaic design, such as different ways of cutting and laying mosaic tile. Use our high quality mosaic glue, sanded grout mesh. We stock waterproof membranes to protect your mosaic base.Sandy provides friendly, helpful advice with mosaic questions on grouting, outdoor mosaics and tiling methods. Sandy specialises in mosaic art wall murals and decorative mirrors and tables. Swimming pool murals on mesh, garden wall murals are created and cut by a mosaic artisan.



Whatever you need to make mosaics - OzMosaics has the materials and professional expertise. OzMosaics is the Brisbane base for Australian Smalti! We have chunks, chips, blocks, a mosaic stir fry of materials!

School of Mosaic Art Australia - mosaic SMARTA with the wizard of moZ! Mosaic Instructor Sandy Robertson - mosaic photo mosaic art galleries, chat groups, community club, social arena, club mOz, MANA, mosaic SMARTA e-school
SMARTI - School of Mosaic Art International

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